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Can I Fix My Own DeWALT Tools?

Absolutely. Performing at-home tool repair and parts replacement is more than just a smart way to save money at the repair shop, it’s also fun, easy, and rewarding.

Here are some facts about at-home DeWALT tool repair that might surprise a few power tool owners, regardless of their repair experience.

Tool Repair Fact #1— Anyone can do it.

  • *Most power tool repairs are very simple.
  • *The vast majority of power tool repairs only require tools that can be found around the house, like screwdrivers, wrenches, and hammers.
  • *Free, professional repair advice is available online to clear up questions and overcome snags.

Tool Repair Fact #2— Replacing power tool parts is normal.

  • Most power tools have parts that are supposed to wear and, eventually, be replaced.
  • Wear parts” actually lengthen the service life of quality power tools by protecting more valuable, longer-lasting parts.
  • Keeping up on parts replacement and maintenance will make a tool run like new.

Tool Repair Fact #3— Fixing your DeWALT tools at home saves money.

  • Just try to remember your last repair shop bill without shuddering (yikes).
  • Now imagine that bill minus the cost of labor . . . Ahhh. Much better.
  • Online parts ordering can even save you money on DeWALT replacement parts.

Tool Repair Fact #4— O.E.M. replacement parts make all the difference.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer parts ensure a professional-quality repair.
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About DeWALT Tools and Machines

Before we pass along some useful repair tips for DeWALT tools, we’d like to throw out some interesting facts about the brand.

DeWALT’s company history is full of noteworthy achievements that stand out just as much as their tool’s rugged, yellow-and-black style does.

First of all, DeWALT’s founder, Raymond DeWalt, is the inventor of the world’s first radial arm saw, way back in 1922. His innovative idea changed the woodworking industry, spearheaded the company’s growth, and set the standard for DeWALT’s performance-driven reputation.

Through its affiliation with Black & Decker, DeWALT

lays claim to another major power tool industry mile-

stone—the invention of the cordless drill in 1961. Just a few years later, NASA contracted Black & Decker to develop a special wrench for use in zero gravity on the Gemini project. The cordless rotary hammer drill pictured above was also designed by Black & Decker to extract lunar core samples during the Apollo moon missions.

DeWALT has made headlines more recently in another kind of extreme environment—the racetrack. From 1999 to 2009, DeWALT officially sponsored Matt Kinseth, a champion NASCAR driver. Kinseth muscled out eighteen wins in the decade that DeWALT sponsored him, including the 2009 Daytona 500. DeWALT is also sponsoring MotoGP rider Ben Spies as of 2010.

Today, DeWALT boasts a worldwide presence in the power tool industry with over two hundred electric power tool models and eight hundred accessories. The performance of their products has earned the respect of homeowner and professional

tool users alike. Their product catalog also includes gas-

powered tools, like pressure washers, air compressors,

and generators. Useful gadgets—like their magnetized

inspection cameras—may hint at future high-tech directions

for the company.

DeWALT Cordless Tool Parts and Repair

Even among its famous lines of electric power tools, DeWALT is especially well-known for its wide varieties of tough cordless electric tool models.

Because all cordless power tools share similar design principles, they also share similar parts replacement issues. In fact, there are several cordless tool replacement parts common to all cordless tools.

Batteries and Battery Chargers-

  • Rechargeable power tool batteries of all types have a limited lifetime and must be replaced when they expire.
  • Keeping an extra battery handy will make sure that your tool is never out of service between charges,

Carbon Brushes-

  • Carbon brushes transfer electric current to cordless power tool motors by touching the motor’s commutator.
  • Carbon brushes are designed to be replaced after a wearing period.
  • Replacement carbon brushes are usually very inexpensive and very easy to replace.

Power Switches-

  • Even the toughest power switch only has so many clicks in it before it wears out and needs to be replaced.
  • Most power switches can be installed at home with simple tools.
  • An O.E.M. power switch replacement will give your old tool the feel of “like new” usability again.

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DeWALT Drill Replacement Parts and Repair

The most common DeWALT drill replacement parts are drill chucks.

Drill chucks can get stuck, stripped, or just simply wear with use and time. Replacing a DeWALT drill chuck is a simple procedure, but it takes a little bit of repair know-how to go smoothly.

Here are some basic steps for removing threaded-on drill chuck:

  1. Remove the reverse-thread chuck screw by turning it clockwise.
  2. Secure the short end of a large Allen wrench in the chuck.
  3. Strike the Allen key with the flat side of a hammer counter-clockwise to spin the chuck off. Warning: Make sure not to strike the Allen key in the wrong direction!

Sometimes these conventional chuck removal methods aren’t enough to get the chuck off the drill. One tip to remove a stuck drill chuck is to remove the chuck with the arbor shaft still attached and heat the shaft up with a blowtorch before removing the chuck screw.

Stuck drill chucks are often caused by having too much loctite on the chuck screw. Heating the arbor shaft up like this will often loosen up the loctite enough to get the screw out.

Aside from drill chucks, other common replacement drill parts include armature bearings, carbon brushes, and power switches.

Replacement power cords will also be a common repair part for corded DeWALT drills. Replacing a power cord on a DeWALT drill is an easy repair that will return value to your investment with little effort.

For DeWALT drill parts, DeWALT drill chucks, and other O.E.M. DeWALT parts, click the Part Finder above to get started with your repair.

DeWALT Miter Saw Replacement Parts and Repair

DeWALT miter saws make up one of the company’s most successful power tool lines, and there are several DeWALT miter saw replacement parts that find their way to the workbench.

Miter saw guards, fences, kerf plates, locking levers, clamps, belts, and lasers might need replacing in your saw’s lifetime. These parts can be replaced easily, even if it’s your first repair.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to remove the armature bearing from a DeWALT miter saw, either to replace the bearing itself, or to transfer it to a new armature.

Take a look at this demonstration video for tool repair tips on how to remove an armature bearing from a DeWALT miter saw.

Remember that every DeWALT miter saw repair should begin with an accurate, O.E.M. parts order.

To get the DeWALT miter saw parts you need, click the Part Finder at the top of this page to get started with your repair.

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